Best (One of) Selling Cases [According to Amazon]

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER – Spree – Set of 3 Hard-side Luggages Glossy Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable (S, M & L) TSA, Yellow

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  • Convenient 3 Set: Hand luggage, medium size + large hard shell suitcase for all occasions
  • Extremely stable: High-quality hard shell made from 100% ABS, break-resistant, impact-proof and shock resistant
  • Comfortable transport: Telescopic handle with button (2-layered), 4 double wheels, stable + manoeuvrable
  • 15% additional volume: large expandable space by pulling the zipper (+ 4 cm)
  • More security: TSA combination lock for USA trips, which prevents forced opening
  • FEATURES4 wheels
  • Get yours from here!!:
  • Four multidirectional smooth and silent 360° wheels for very high ride comfort
    15% more volume
    Expands up to 4 cm for additional packing space
    Top and side carrying handles
    Full-lined interior
    Functional elastic cross ribbons to secure the packed clothes
    Flexible divider pad with separate mesh pocket
    Mat surface
    Type of closure
    Telescope handle
    Telescope wheel handle (reeled-out 51 cm) of anodized aluminum,
    with an ergonomic grip
    TSA combination lock with resettable code for secure travel to the USA
    Can be opened and locked again only by US airport security
    Cabin luggage
    With its 21cm depth, the cabine suitcase Alex is the ideal companion for almost any airline.
    *Is in accordance with IATA luggage guidelines for air travel: 56 cm x 45 cm x 24 cm (IATA-Recommendation)Specifications
    Cabin luggage 55 cm
    Dimensions with handles and wheels: 55 x 36 x 21 cm
    Dimensions without handles and wheels: 50 x 33 x 19 cm
    Weight: 3.2 kg
    Max. Packing volume: 42 liters
    Min. Packing volume: 34 liters
    Shipping volume: 49 liters

    Luggage 65 cm
    Dimensions with handles and wheels: 65 x 41 x 26 cm
    Dimensions without handles and wheels: 60 x 39 x 26 cm
    Weight: 4.2 kg
    Max. Packing volume: 74 liters
    Min. Packing volume: 61 liters
    Shipping volume: 82 liters

    Luggage 75 cm
    Dimensions with handles and wheels: 75 x 50 x 30 cm
    Dimensions without handles and wheels: 70 x 48 x 30 cm
    Weight: 5.2 kg
    Max. Packing volume: 119 liters
    Min. Packing volume: 101 liters
    Shipping volume: 128 liters



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